Veneer Dealers in Thane

Show House has given a spark to a business infrastructure designing elements. We considered bringing the products to ultimate touch and astonishing atmosphere. We try to convert your imagination into reality with decor elements. With enthusiasm of bringing new launches that happen globally to your doors Show House always takes honor of keeping clients updated with cutting-edge fashions and styles.

We are leading veneer dealers in Thane, supplies varieties of veneer sheet design with diverse colors, textures and designs. We fabricate these sheets using magnificent quality materials and admired for the outstanding features like smooth finish, moisture resistant, corrosion resistant and easy to clean. We would like to solve your challenges if you’re facing in creating infrastructure and recommend appropriate solutions for our clients.

We are eminent across the globe as prominent distributors and dealers of wood veneer sheet in India. We provide remarkable quality, fabulous finishing and smooth composition of veneer sheets that becomes an ideal choice for creating furniture. Veneers are available in diverse ranges, sizes, designs and colors are used in various applications.

Veneer sheets are used for Constructing:

  • Desks
  • Counter tops
  • Kitchen surface
  • Cub boards
  • Work surfaces
  • Table tops

Special Features:

  • Exceptional quality
  • Smooth finish
  • Moisture resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Long performing life
  • Capability to resist harsh temperature circumstances
  • Obtained in a variation of colors, designs and textures

Quality is an essential fundamental for our business sector and we fabricate our product as per international quality standard. We provide quality assurance with durability, reliability and credibility. Before supplying in market, each and every item is exposed to robust quality test so that our customers get perfect collections at their end.

So if you are searching for decorative veneers in thane or facing any problems related to decorating a dream project then do call us 022-2538 7683 / 87 or write an email so that we can be in touch.

We look forward to hear from you!

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Sunmica Dealers In Thane

Sunmica is the most eminent brand of laminates in India. It was an early contestant in the Indian Laminates Industry, and subsequently the two words laminates and sunmica are frequently utilized conversely to mean the same thing. At the end when individual in India say Sunmica, what maximum number of people want to say is Laminates. Laminates always plays a major role in the maintenance of free décor. It is a decorative laminates sheet and used as an overlap above the wooden furniture. We are one of the exceptional Sunmica dealers in Thane who sells the laminate sheet In India.

We offer the excellent quality Sunmica Laminates in different appealing designs. We provide different bright and stunning patterns that can be easily attached on any furniture. The products we provide are durable, flexible, light weight with enriched features. Our reliable products do not require any maintenance. Our fashionable and robust laminated Sunmica items are given at economical cost within committed timeline. The rich quality materials are used to fabricate sunmica products. These products have finest features with ultimate finishing and sophisticated looks and used for table tops, store fitting, vanity unit, cubicles, lift linings, shelves, etc. It is available in comprehensive ranges of sizes, specifications, colors, designs, textures and patterns.

Our products as unique features:

  • Diverse Colors
  • Long Lasting
  • Fascinating designs
  • Superior quality
  • Long efficient life
  • Sturdy

We meet the exact prerequisite of the customers and provide a wide gamut of Sunmica laminate products. It is available in different colours, shapes, sizes according to the customer tastes and inclination. Our products are used in most of the commercial ventures, domestic purposes, industries etc. for endless applications. Our products have spectacular shines; captivate appearance, smooth surface finish; easy function, durable constructions and efficient flexibility are the quality aspects of our items.

To know more about our products and services you can visit or you contact us 022-2538 7683 / 87 at any time. Our customer centric teams are always here to sort your décor furnishing issues.

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PVC Laminated Sheet In Thane

Decorative laminates plays a pivotal role in interior surfacing solution. It has power to renovate and revamp our interior look. ShowHouse keep our selves updated with the latest technology and offer PVC laminated sheets to a large extend. Our PCV laminates sheet in thane provides resistance to scratch, chemical, heat, stain and improves their durability to great extent. In this modern era it is next to impossible to stay without laminates in the interior infrastructure. This is because the PCV laminated sheets has efficient performance, longer life and trendy surfacing solution for complete interior requirement. It can be used in various applications such as wardrobe, wall panels, kitchen cabinet, counter top, table top etc. The sheets can be laminated on both sides for more than 20 captivating colors and designs.

We provide comprehensive range of pioneering design and excellent texture which have reanalysis the surfacing industry. It is the most popular name in the designer era. We try to provide complete customer satisfaction thus offer the PVC laminated sheets in safe packaging and within given time frame. Laminates are multi-layer artificial wood products. It is made of thick fiber, melamine tar or wood particles. On top laminates has a vivid applique layer that in turn coated with precise protective layer. It is generally applied in the plywood or fiber wood so that they can replicate the look of wood for reasonable cost.

PVC laminated sheets in thane provide latest and current image with its chic colors and elegance pattern. It has outstanding features and specifications such as:

  • Splendid sturdiness
  • Chemical resistance
  • Impurity resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Scratch resistance
  • Humidity resistance
  • Crack resistance

ShowHouse is tremendously popular for the concept and design at lowest cost applications hence it is an ultimate choice for economically embellishing homes, shops, showrooms, restaurant, malls etc.

To know more about our services do contact us 022-2538 7683 / 87 or send us an email and we are here for 24/7.

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Decorative Veneers In Thane

Veneers are refers as thin sheets or slices of wood acquired from the trees. It is easy to understand how veneer is obtained and utilized for many purposes. The sheets are normally less than 3 mm (1/8 inch) thick and wood veneers are also known as natural substance. More often thin sheets are been stuck together to make either laminate wood or plywood. Plywood are generally consists of more than 3 layers of veneer. Veneer can be obtained from the various trees such as teak veneer or oak veneer. A thin sliced of wood obtained from teak wood is recognized as teak veneer in the market and oak veneer means thin sliced layer of oak wood.

The veneer can additionally be stuck onto core boards, particle board or medium size fiberboard’s. It gives spontaneous look to the boards that had been attached with veneer. Later these veneer covered boards are utilized to fabricate flat boards such as doors, tops, cabinets, parquet floors and parts of furniture. The beading of veneer is used as decorative purposes to place around the objects.

If people are looking to give their home a dazzling touch, then Show House Decorative veneers is the ideal solution. “ShowHouse” is the phenomenon beautiful veneer brand in the country. Its offers an extensive variety of natural decorative veneers obtained all across the globe. We endeavor the world’s most outstanding veneer from Walnut to Rosewood to Mahogany to Ebony and many more.

Decorative veneers in thane make use of diverse types of veneer-making tools to obtained veneer either by peeling the trunk of tree or by slicing large rectangular blocks of wood called as flitches.

There are 3 main kinds of veneer-making machine used:

Rotary lathe: This machine is mainly used for plywood and in this wood is turned against sharp blade and peeled off in single constant or semi-constant roll.

Slicing machine: This machine is mainly used for slicing the thick part of wood with its blade and it is also known as crown cut seems to be like swan piece of wood.

Half-round lathe: This machine is mainly used to grain the major part of wood to get its half round slices.

With the help of this machine distributors of decorative veneers in thane provides comprehensive ranges of veneers sheet design with colour, textures, extraordinary features, rich-quality, lowest cost and assured warranted.

There are several types of veneer available in the market:

Raw veneer: It can be used as either side facing up and has no backing on it.

Paper backed veneer: This type of veneer is backed with paper

Phenolic backed veneer: It is used for composite or artificial wood veneers.

Laid up veneer: Raw materials of veneers are combined together to make greater pieces.

Reconstituted veneer: Raw veneer cut and at the same time they are painted. It is generally used for fast growing species.

Wood on Wood: It is made out of evaluation wood backer and used for decorative purpose.

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Decorative Resin Panels In Thane

Resin panels are utilized in architectural design work as decorative purposes and it is used as substitute for wood, glass and opaque panel areas. It can be displayed immensely as fluctuating amount of transparency and luminousness that creates value to those areas where it requires natural light. It can normally be molded into infinite shapes and contours. It is allocated into two categories one is decorative-quality panels and architectural-quality panel. “ShowHouse” is architectural-quality lustrous resin panels that allows extreme use of natural lighting and still sustains the level of privacy. By developing advance compressed image technology we produce exclusive decorative resin panels in thane.

Our resin panels can be molded into any desired shape as swiftly as possible. It becomes a perfect substitute for wood, acrylic, architectural glass, metal other panel materials. Decorative resin panels have great elegance, safety and reliability. Lustrous resin panel is well-known internationally for its use in commercial, hospitality, health care, food service, retail even residential places. ShowHouse decorative resin panel provide an ideal solution to emphasis light, texture, colour and creativeness to any space. Most of our artisan panel is hand crafted using natural material, fabrics and metals from all across the world. It helps to create a sophisticated decorative panel that accentuates a ground-breaking visual look to a place. As it is made from translucent resin, this flexible materials can be functional as flat sheets, molded to fit any applications or it can be involved in fabricating of new equipment’s.

Being leading distributors in Thane within the field of interior décor we endeavor credible and dynamic services. We pay attentions towards our client’s feedback and try to solve their problems as soon as possible. We assure our customers with quality products, lowest prices, durability, and rich features and excellent services.

We feel delighted to serve our best to our customers!

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Decorative Panels For Walls In Thane

Show House exemplifies an international idea of shopping experience in the scenario of Interior Decor. We represents global trends to enrich your Decor, by having an never-ending range of blends, fluctuating from veneers, laminates, wall fashion, wallpapers, highlighters etc. We demonstrate the new era of decorative panels for walls in thane with rich patterns and innovative designs. Our panels are glittering, classy, versatile and cost efficient.

Our products are easy to create, have exceptional design liberty, easy in application from a carpenters point of view. These decorative panels add richness to your decor at nominal costs. It is easy to find the decorative panels used in every presentation such as cabinet doors, lining for ceiling, walls, lighting application etc. In short our panels are used in creating a mesmerizing art work and the designed used in panels are boundless.

If you want to change the design, pattern or entire look for your wall to get exotic, stunning and peaceful look then you must select proper decorative wall panels with colors, design, textures etc. This will help you to create visual effects on the wall and sustain a peaceful environment where you can fell a luxury. The changes will give the spontaneous appearance and make you feel comfortable in such environment. Hence grab the opportunities and place an order right now to get the lustrous look with decorative panels for walls.

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Acrylic Solid Surface Dealers In Thane

Acrylic solid surface is a material that is used for counter top and other surfacing applications. Show House is the remarkable distributor of wood and laminate products in India and deals with innovative acrylic solid surface. There are numerous varieties when it comes to selection of table tops needs, marble, wood and considerably solid surface products, yet over the long haul Acrylic solid surface is the ultimate choice for your venture. Acrylic solid surface are easy to clean, and repair if required.

We provide over 60 standard colors and patterns. Our true domain is custom color and pattern development. We feel delighted on our creativity in working with designers from all across the worldwide. Our acrylic has intrinsic ultra violet inhibitors that protect it from harmful sun rays creating it enormously long-lasting.

Incredible Features of acrylic solid surface:

  • Scratch resists and is promptly repairable with sandpaper and scotch Brite pad.
  • Non-Porous material which resists staining and is not difficult to clean
  • Design flexibility
  • Large collection of shades and patterns
  • Cuts, scratches, marks can easily be repaired
  • Solid material is easy to renew
  • Solid material is used
  • Cost effective
  • Wide granite materials
  • Unlimited spectrum of colors
  • Simple processing

Benefits of acrylic solid surface:

Most advanced fabrication technology: The most advance fabrication technology is used to fabricate better acrylic solid surface with improved structures.

Renewable: It has renewable and repairable properties hence if anything goes wrong with the material it will get restore to its original state by experts.

Sustainable: We support Eco-friendly materials so that it can be recycled at the end of life cycle. We assure 100% warrantee for our products.

Hygienic: The material has waterproof properties hence it helps to maintain hygienic, clean and sanitized.

Wide range of shapes: Every possibility is available to designer to fabricate precise washrooms, kitchen, hospitals etc. with wide range of acrylic solid surface. It is ideally synchronized with mixing and matching.

Dramatic translucency: Specific colors and thickness display superior translucency when exposed to light. Countless textures and patterns can be created into material to increase translucency effects.

Strong: The Acrylic solid surface is strong, robust and durable features like stone.

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