Decorative Resin Panels In Thane

Resin panels are utilized in architectural design work as decorative purposes and it is used as substitute for wood, glass and opaque panel areas. It can be displayed immensely as fluctuating amount of transparency and luminousness that creates value to those areas where it requires natural light. It can normally be molded into infinite shapes and contours. It is allocated into two categories one is decorative-quality panels and architectural-quality panel. “ShowHouse” is architectural-quality lustrous resin panels that allows extreme use of natural lighting and still sustains the level of privacy. By developing advance compressed image technology we produce exclusive decorative resin panels in thane.

Our resin panels can be molded into any desired shape as swiftly as possible. It becomes a perfect substitute for wood, acrylic, architectural glass, metal other panel materials. Decorative resin panels have great elegance, safety and reliability. Lustrous resin panel is well-known internationally for its use in commercial, hospitality, health care, food service, retail even residential places. ShowHouse decorative resin panel provide an ideal solution to emphasis light, texture, colour and creativeness to any space. Most of our artisan panel is hand crafted using natural material, fabrics and metals from all across the world. It helps to create a sophisticated decorative panel that accentuates a ground-breaking visual look to a place. As it is made from translucent resin, this flexible materials can be functional as flat sheets, molded to fit any applications or it can be involved in fabricating of new equipment’s.

Being leading distributors in Thane within the field of interior décor we endeavor credible and dynamic services. We pay attentions towards our client’s feedback and try to solve their problems as soon as possible. We assure our customers with quality products, lowest prices, durability, and rich features and excellent services.

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